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The Success of HappyGlass® | Core values

HappyGlass® and quality go hand in hand. Thanks to our top-grade production process and continual product development, our plastic glasses are easily stackable, user-friendly, durable, recyclable, unbreakable and always available.



All HappyGlass® glasses are designed for maximum ease of use. Our ‘ripple glass’ has become a favourite for true beer lovers thanks to its fine drinking rim. The stackable glasses are produced where necessary with various indentations to prevent a vacuum when stacking after rinsing. HappyGlass® lightweight beer glasses can also be carried in large numbers.



HappyGlass® ‘food graded’ products are uniquely manufactured using specially developed moulds and high-quality injection-moulding machines. The resulting fine drinking rim and smooth surface mean the glasses are pleasant to drink from and easy to clean. And the special ‘indentations’ make the glasses easily stackable without causing a vacuum. The taste and temperature of the drink are retained as well in the stackable glasses.



HappyGlass® plastic glasses can withstand prolonged use with both cooled and heated drinks. They are easy to clean and dishwasher-friendly. How long do HappyGlass® plastic glasses last? Depending on the way in which they are used, they can last many years.


100% recyclable

Using HappyGlass® represents an important contribution to the environment. The polycarbonate glasses are 100% recyclable. However, our glasses are not manufactured from recycled material, but are made of 100% virgin polycarbonate.



All glasses in the HappyGlass® range are unbreakable. Our Club Line, for instance, is 100% polycarbonate, so the glasses remain whole under even the most demanding conditions. Our Economy Line also includes a number of glasses made of 100% polycarbonate, as well as some glasses made of SAN (combination of polystyrene and acrylate) that are unbreakable in normal use. The stylish Exclusive Line is made of 100% polycarbonate. Thanks to their unbreakability, our plastic glasses provide a significant contribution to safety within your catering company or at your event. What is more, unbreakable glasses result in much less litter. And that is not just good for the environment, but also saves you money!


Always available

You have a busy event coming up, but you do not have enough unbreakable glasses, or perhaps you even have none at all. Where do you source them at such short notice? One call to Global Glass Products is the solution. We have all the most common plastic glasses in stock as standard. These include large and small beer glasses, wine and juice glasses, longdrink glasses and shot glasses. What is more, Global Glass Products always aims for the fastest delivery!