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What is the lifespan of unbreakable glasses?

In normal use you can use the polycarbonate glasses for several years. This depends on the way in which the plastic glasses are used. Various factors can effect the lifespan of the glasses: how they are rinsed; are they used indoors or out; are they left lying on the ground; etc. Eventually even polycarbonate glasses show signs of wear and tear. It is then up to you when to replace them.



How do I keep my plastic glasses clean?

The unique method of manufacturing HappyGlass® glasses means they do not have any
unnecessary edges. So they are hygienic and easily washable. The plastic glasses can be rinsed behind the bar in the basin, just like normal glasses. The glasses can also be washed in a dishwasher, but are not resistant to aggressive washing agents.



How many glasses do I need?

The required number of glasses depends on expected consumption
levels. A good rule of thumb is 2.5 times the number of expected guests. Will you use the glasses more often? Factors like the number of taps, basins, peak moments, extra rinsing moments, possible waiting times, programme of events and weather conditions all count towards the required number of glasses. In addition to reusable plastic glasses, you could also try using our plastic jugs.



How do I store plastic glasses after the event is over?

If you need to store plastic glasses for an extended period, we recommend first rinsing
and drying them thoroughly. They are dishwasher friendly, but must be machine washed without the use of aggressive washing agents. The plastic glasses have a slightly longer drying time and should be stored in sealed plastic crates.



Do you recommend printing glasses?

Printing definitely gives a glass added value. It is an excellent way to draw attention to your company name, or that of your sponsors.
Your printed glasses are ideal as a promotional gift, fun keepsake or even collectors item! Do you want to know more about printing options? Then check out our webpage on printing.



I have a specific question. Can Global Glass Products help me?

Yes, you can always contact us directly for individual advice. Maybe you have specific product requirements or you wish to know which glasses would be best to use. Based on your wishes and requirements we will provide you with the best possible solution. Do you have an urgent order? Then contact us now!